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Monday, March 27, 2006

I am dumb

Yesterday I came really close to ripping this out:

About 15 rows before I was to start the deep-v, I measured my vest and couldn't figure out why it was so long. I mean, I added extra rows but that was to make up for my short row gauge...yeah, that is when it dawned on me. I completely messed up. My row gauge is 26. The pattern gauge is 30. I was thinking that I needed to add rows in order to make it right. I dumb. I got as far as you see above until the moment when it dawned on me, a smaller row gauge number means a longer length per stitch. If I did the pattern as written, it would already come out longer. So by adding rows, I was adding even more length. I got so turned around. In fact, I still get turned around thinking about it.

For about 3 hours I was thinking I would have to frog it. Three long and sad hours. Then I thought that if I just continued with the pattern and played with the spacing of the increases then I could follow the pattern as it is written from here on out, not add any rows, and not be too bad off. I wanted it a little longer anyway. I am just hoping my shaping doesn't look wonky when I am done.

Now the only other concern I have is that I am pretty sure I am running out of the main color yarn. Perhaps it was the several swatches I did but I am almost at the end of my next to last ball and I have 1/2 of the vest left including the collar and arm holes. Is anyone else running into this issue?

But I am still liking the vest. The pattern is very fun and easy to get the hang of. I am still nervous about those steeks though. I am glad there are several of you on here that have successfully completed the steeks. This gives me comfort.

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Ohhh, man. We have ALL made that silly gauge error... I know of at least two others who got messed up like that during this progress! The good news is, you figured it out before you got to the steek cutting point! (Whew!) You are NOT alone in the gauge mistake. And yes, I ran out of my main color, too!

By Blogger Amanda, at 2:13 AM  

oh man. I read your post and everything and i am presently making the same gauge mistake. After the ribbing at the bottom I am suspicous of the amount of yarn I will have left. Why won't I learn from what i read!

By Blogger kweaver, at 12:09 AM  

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