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Monday, March 06, 2006

Still. Swatching.

Blergh...I swatched again last night. On my first swatch I used a size US4 needle and my gauge was way, way off. Yesterday's swatch I moved up to a US6. Still. Off. Guh! Getting closer though. I'm now measuring at about 6 stitches per inch (with the swatch all washed and blocked)and the pattern calls for 5.5. I hate saying "close enough" but I'm worried that by going up to US7s the pattern will start to look really bad. And I bit the bullet and started knitting with yarn in each hand and, ok, I guess I can do it but I don't like it. You can buy those finger tension thingies at I actually have one but can't get the hang of knitting with it. *sigh*

Oh, and yes the colors are pink and brown. I love them together!

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I think you and I are doing the same colors. Chocolate and petal. am I the only one who got guage on 4's with knitpicks merino style? It does feel a little stiff though

By Anonymous Natasha, at 6:37 AM  

I'm not a part of this knit a long but I am knitting this vest. Just wanted to post because I totally hit gauge with the US 4s with knitpicks merino style. I was feeling like I did something wrong since no one else is, but now I feel better. It is a teensy bit stiff, but it's a form-fitting vest so it doesn't need to hang nicely since it will be hugging our curves, right?

My progress is here:

If'n anyone wants to check it out

By Blogger Emily, at 5:40 PM  

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