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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Argyle Vest Math 101

Many of you expressed interest in seeing the crazy math involved in adjusting the pattern on my Argyle Vest... Well, here's my attempt to explain it.

First, what's your row gauge? (I got stitch gauge, so I was only concerned with row gauge here.)

Mine was: 23 rows per 4" or approximately 6 rows per inch.
Eunny called for: 30 rows per 4"

What you need to do is look at every section of the pattern (decreasing, straight, and increasing) and calculate the amount of inches Eunny is calling for in each pattern. How many rows, according to YOUR gauge, do you have to knit to get the same amount of inches? When you have that, you can then figure out how often you'd have to decrease to get the same amount of increases/decreases. Then, get out a bunch of highlighters, and highlight the path you should follow in the pattern and note where you should increase and decrease.

As far as the steek placement--Eunny places it about 7.7 inches up from the bottom. How many rows, according to your gauge, is 7.7"? Find out that and that's where you start the steek. I ended up starting mine at row 44 instead of row 58, as the pattern calls for. Using the good ol' cross-multiply-and-divide formula works! I wish I could explain better, but I'm a math dummy!!

In all, I cut about 20 rows from the pattern, which with my gauge is close to 4 inches!, and it's looking perfect. I'm a few inches in on the arm steeks and rapidly progressing to the neck band. If I can knit, knit, knit today, I may be steeking this week!! Huzzah!

I have 3 more stitches on the right side of the neck steek than on the left!! Ack!! I suppose I should RIP...

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Yep, that's what I did for mine. I'm not up to the armhole steeks yet, but so far the length looks good (I'm even making mine a little shorter than the pattern says).

That sucks about the extra stitches on one side of your steek. Maybe it won't make that much difference?!

By Anonymous Mandy, at 5:11 AM  

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