Argyle Vest-Along!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Hurra hurra! Today's the big argyle vest-along kick-off day! I can feel a strange sensation taking place...

C'mon, let's all share our progress! I made a false start, since I don't have infants or other more important projects to take care of first, and here's where I am now:

I started out actually twisting the work, despite the urgent request to carefully make sure not to. Fortunately, I had only made a row and a half, so I simply twisted it back in the end of the row, and you absolutely can't tell. Phew!

Next thing is that I suffer from a very long upper body, and no standard pattern ever covers my belly-button. I decided early to make this vest wearable, so my decreases on the way up to the waist are made every 6th row instead of every 4th. I'll have a look when I get to the waist to see if the same thing needs to be done with the increases.

Also, it's quite bubbly, even though I constantly and carefully stretch the work and yarn. I think it will smooth out when blocking, though. I can stretch it, it's not that it's too tight anywhere, just here and there and everywhere. This could be a nightmare, and I might end up with a fancy dust cloth, but I've decided to keep a cool head until the vest is washed and blocked, which hopefully should be before Easter.

So tell me: how's it going for y'all?

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