Argyle Vest-Along!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


i didn't check all the archives here, but the first couple months, and am wondering if anyone knows of any errata on this pattern? on the first page of the pattern when you start increasing after the waist, the pattern seems to be saying decreases when it means increases. anyone else notice this?

anyway, i've just finished the waist and will start those increases. just have to refigure my math. my row guage is smaller than what i swatched. no problem so far, as i wanted the vest to be just a bit longer than the pattern would create, but i figure i better get it right for the bust. i also have to look closer at how these steeks are going to be made. i don't understand at all why i'll be casting on more stitches at the neck? this pattern is going to be a bit more challenging than i thought.

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