Argyle Vest-Along!

Monday, March 20, 2006

And I'm back

My deep-V break ended this weekend and I've made some progress. The knitting is done. The steeks -done! I think I went a little to brave fora while, cutting not one thread at the time as intrsucted by Eunny, but sometimes 5-6 at the time! I'm too impatient, and it went well so why not? I didn't have a drink (as instructed) either, but a Ragusa* or two went down. I'm planning to do the blocking tonight, and if I do, I will post a picture of it, all wet and pinned!

I have to say that I'm amazed that there are so many of us now! It's great not to be alone when working on something like this!

*My favorite chocolate, it's delicious!

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