Argyle Vest-Along!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Your not the only one!

I'd sort of stalled out on my vest - mostly because I swapped from a metal circular, to a bamboo circular, and it seems like it's totally changed my gauge. The work knitted on metal is super tight, but I'm getting a much looser gauge on the bamboo. I really, really dont' want to tear out and start again, but at the same time I want this to be a great garment that I love wearing. Hence the stall, maybe I'll start again now that I see there is another Vestalonger!

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I got about as far as you did - and then I ripped. A wise knitting friend told me that I'd never regret frogging it - but I *would* regret finishing a sweater that I wasn't totally happy with.

And she was right - I'm at the shoulder decreases now - I can smell the end!

By Blogger nicole, at 2:24 AM  

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