Argyle Vest-Along!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

My boobs are too small!

Well, that is just the beginning of my issues with this vest... the deep V causes it to just flop open due to my lack of bustiness! Oh, my flat-chested, miserable life! (Don't worry, in general, I'm very happy with myself... just not when it comes to this vest!) Also, the overall length of the vest ended up being a bit more generous than I needed, due to my own error. However, I still really liked making this vest and would definitely consider tinkering with it (making the V a little less deep, and making sure that my row gauge was slightly more accurate) in order to make it a wearable object. I also will DEFINITELY do steeks again, and will add them to projects that don't necessarily call for them, if I think it would work out. Overall, I am happy I joined you all, and will keep checking in on everyone's progress! Yay Vestalong!

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