Argyle Vest-Along!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Finally, I can start!

I just received my Knitpicks order today.... I was holding out for the asparagus color of merino style.

I made a pair of Pirate Mittens to practice my fair Isle skills, and i am excited to graduate to a bigger garment. I am so glad I found this knit-along. Watching everyone's progress has been a real confidence builder.

Monday, March 27, 2006

I am dumb

Yesterday I came really close to ripping this out:

About 15 rows before I was to start the deep-v, I measured my vest and couldn't figure out why it was so long. I mean, I added extra rows but that was to make up for my short row gauge...yeah, that is when it dawned on me. I completely messed up. My row gauge is 26. The pattern gauge is 30. I was thinking that I needed to add rows in order to make it right. I dumb. I got as far as you see above until the moment when it dawned on me, a smaller row gauge number means a longer length per stitch. If I did the pattern as written, it would already come out longer. So by adding rows, I was adding even more length. I got so turned around. In fact, I still get turned around thinking about it.

For about 3 hours I was thinking I would have to frog it. Three long and sad hours. Then I thought that if I just continued with the pattern and played with the spacing of the increases then I could follow the pattern as it is written from here on out, not add any rows, and not be too bad off. I wanted it a little longer anyway. I am just hoping my shaping doesn't look wonky when I am done.

Now the only other concern I have is that I am pretty sure I am running out of the main color yarn. Perhaps it was the several swatches I did but I am almost at the end of my next to last ball and I have 1/2 of the vest left including the collar and arm holes. Is anyone else running into this issue?

But I am still liking the vest. The pattern is very fun and easy to get the hang of. I am still nervous about those steeks though. I am glad there are several of you on here that have successfully completed the steeks. This gives me comfort.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

My boobs are too small!

Well, that is just the beginning of my issues with this vest... the deep V causes it to just flop open due to my lack of bustiness! Oh, my flat-chested, miserable life! (Don't worry, in general, I'm very happy with myself... just not when it comes to this vest!) Also, the overall length of the vest ended up being a bit more generous than I needed, due to my own error. However, I still really liked making this vest and would definitely consider tinkering with it (making the V a little less deep, and making sure that my row gauge was slightly more accurate) in order to make it a wearable object. I also will DEFINITELY do steeks again, and will add them to projects that don't necessarily call for them, if I think it would work out. Overall, I am happy I joined you all, and will keep checking in on everyone's progress! Yay Vestalong!

Keep on the good work everyone!

I can't say if it's right or wrong, but I've done like that too, and it looks ok. I think it's because only one purl before the markers would look strange. Anyone else has a suggestion?

I'm actually finished with my vest now. Blocked and everything. I always feel that I have to test wear things I've knitted myself a day or two at home, just to make sure it doesn't show my belly or breasts or anything else and that nothing needs to be changed before I declare it finished. This picture was taken while testing the vest, living my hard, active life of a knitter that I portrait in the photo. An other picture will be presented when I've pulled myself together and arranged one where you can see the vest and not only my next knitting project (a new KAL - the Ferragamo bag) and my big necklace. This will have to do for now!

Is this right?

I just wanted to aska question to all of you who have already started (or finished) knitting this vest.

I just cast on for the ribbing, and am a bit confused by the instructions. It says k1. *k2, p2* to stich before marker,, k1,p1,k1, sm, k1 *k2, p2*.
This means that at the side seams, you get a k4, p1, k4 and the regular ribbing for the rest of the body. Is this right? I've never seen a ribbing knitted this way before...

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Hi everyone!

My name is Lori and my blog is at I just received my yarn for the vestalong. It's KP Merino Style in Storm and Frost. I love the colors together and the names of the colors just seemed to go together also. I'm not sure how to post pics on this blog yet, but I'm sure I'll figure it out soon. In the meantime, visit my blog to see the pics. I have to finish my Sockapaloooza socks this week and hope to finish by next weekend. But I will try to swatch this week so I'll be ready to cast on right after that. Everybody's colors are just great!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

New Kid on the BLOCK!

The first 'block' is that Blogger hates me and does not want me to post my updates. The second block is that I'm currently blocking the vest! I have been trying to upload this picture off and on over the past 24 hours! So, here it is. I tried it on before wetting it, and here is what I think: it is a little long... and that's saying a lot, seeing as I am almost 6 feet tall... and the bust area is a little loose, which is not surprising- I am NOT a busty gal! However, even if the results are not what I hope for, I would be willing to try this pattern again to get a more wearable item. I enjoyed the steeks, and enjoyed the pattern. I have to say, though, that I had PERFECT stitch gauge, but the row gauge was off. How do you change THAT? Not sure.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Just a peak...

... at the pinned deep-V so that you know I'm not lying when I say that I'm almost finished!!

I wrote a long report on the pinning-part onmy blog, so if you're interested, please click my name to the left and you'll get there!

Resistance was futile

Hi all
I finally caved in last week and bought the pattern. Now I'm on a yarn hunt. I'd like to knit this vest in wool, since I'm not such a big alpacka fan, but it's kind of difficult finding wool that's not superwash. I'm thinking I might try Silke tweed, but I haven't decided yet.

I love seeing all your vests! Beautiful colour combos and lovely knitting. Can't wait to get started myself.

Got gauge?

Nope, I surely don't. But I am definitely loving the knitting! The yarn - like buttah! The chart - a lot easier than it looks. Getting gauge, well that's a different story.

The stitch gauge is about 3 stitches off. I should be getting 22 stitches over 4 inches and I am getting 25. My row gauge is slightly off as well: I'm getting about 26 stitches over 4 inches instead of 30. I was afraid of this. I committed to buying the needles before knowing I'd get gauge. The yarn recommends a size 5 and the pattern recommends a size 4. I just couldn't imagine going down to 3's, two whole needles sizes from the yarn's label recommendation. My options are a.) knit tighter, b.) take my chances knitting the smallest size and work it out in blocking, or c.) suck it up and buy size 3 circulars and dpns. My first inclination is to do a combo of A and B. Any advice?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

now entering stage deep v

I finally have a progress pic! My row gauge is apparently much different in the garment than it was in the swatch, so I've had to do a fair amount of compensating...seems to be working so far, so we'll see how it turns out. Your argyles look great, and I love seeing all the various color combos.

Monday, March 20, 2006

finally some progress

got some vest knitting in this weekend while listening to audio books (seriously, is the best thing that's ever happened to my knitting!). i'm knitting this on size US6 addis. a few posts ago i mentioned that i still wasn't getting gauge with 6s and i finally just decided 'oh what the hell. just go for it!' this probably won't prove the wisest decision i've ever made but, hey, i'll lose a pounds to fit into the thing if i have to. i'm not entirely happy with my stitches though. when i've done fair isle before i didn't have any problem with tension or my stitches looking wonky at all. i was kind of cocky like "what's the big deal with fair isle? easy peasy!" but this argyle pattern! some of my stitches look so tiny and some of them look slanty. i had the same problem with my swatches as well. i'm pulling at them as i go along to even them out but some of them still look pretty crappy. is it the yarn? is it me? is it the needles? is it because this is knit circularly? if anyone has any ideas i'd love to hear them. (i think it's the yarn.)

OK, for some reason my picture isn't uploading. here's a link to my blog where you can see the progress.

And I'm back

My deep-V break ended this weekend and I've made some progress. The knitting is done. The steeks -done! I think I went a little to brave fora while, cutting not one thread at the time as intrsucted by Eunny, but sometimes 5-6 at the time! I'm too impatient, and it went well so why not? I didn't have a drink (as instructed) either, but a Ragusa* or two went down. I'm planning to do the blocking tonight, and if I do, I will post a picture of it, all wet and pinned!

I have to say that I'm amazed that there are so many of us now! It's great not to be alone when working on something like this!

*My favorite chocolate, it's delicious!


Well, the only knitting I have left is 10 more rows around the neck... but this is all the main color yarn I have left!
Of course, I have 1 1/4 balls of the contrasting color left... isn't that the way it always goes... so anyway, I woke up BEFORE 7 AM this morning, thinking about cutting the steeks, since I had finished the pre-steek preparations last night. Now, I know what some of you are thinking... I just bought the yarn on Tuesday, and I have already gotten this far??? Well, I have basically locked myself in my home because of an 'emergency wallet lockdown' subsequent to a very expensive car repair. So, I have nothing better to do than knit! ANYWAY, the steek cutting was VERY exciting, causing me to say, "EEEEEEEEE!" or something equally ambiguous... but now, the yarn store is not open again until Tuesday! Oh, nooooo! So, I'll naturally try to get them to let me swap my extra contrasting color yarn for what I need. I will smile extra sweetly. Like this. :) Happy knitting, all!

Intro and progress

Hi there! I'm Cece (you can find my blog here). I saw this pattern, and loved it at first sight, but had to wait for the 'expanded' size pattern to come out before I could begin. The minute it was published, I bought it and my yarn! I'm using Rowan Cashsoft DK. I also got my friend Amanda to knit it with me (yes the same Amanda who is almost done a few posts below this).

Here is my progress after a weekend of limited knitting:
The Cashsoft may not have been the best yarn pick for this project, though. It is such a wonderful and soft yarn... but it's also slippery, and superwash - so I don't know if I'll get any blocking benefit. So far, I'm liking the fabric - so I'm going to continue on.

I don't know if you can notice, but I switched around the pattern symbols in my head. I didn't notice until just before I snapped this picture - so I'm doing the CC where I should be doing the MC and vice versa. I don't think you can see the difference?

I'm going to Chicago for work for a few days, and this project is making the trip too - hope to have a lot of progress to post when I get back!

Let the swatching begin!

My yarn arrived last week - I love getting yarn in the mail! I'm using Knit Picks Merino Style in Coal & Fog.

Now I just need to start swatching! And to practice my fair isle technique, I started the Norweigan Stocking. I am doing the two-handed method, which seems to be working out well for me.

Everyone's progress is looking great. I can't wait to get started!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Do I have enough???

Well, I have been knitting like a madwoman, but I am getting nervous: will I run out of my main color? The LYS closes in 2 1/2 hours, and doesn't open again until Tuesday... and doesn't accept returns. Because I am on an emergency wallet lockdown, I don't want to buy a ball of yarn I don't need andcan't return, but I also don't like the idea of running out of yarn! Okay, let's face it: I don't feel like trying to do the math. Anyway, here is another snapshot of the progress.

Finally, finally blocking!


The vest is now drying and resting comfortably on my spare bed. Hopefully the measurements will be okay when it's done. I tried it on once before soaking it, and the gauge was, well, wayy off. The whole vest was about five inches too long (mostly around the armholes) and very tight around my post-baby waist. But that will surely be fixed by blocking, won't it?

As I mentioned, I noticed that the vest stretched much more lengthwise along the armholes than anywhere else. Is that because of the steeks? Or because there's such a narrow piece of actual pattern knitting there as opposed to, say, below the front neck steek? Gah, it's too early in the morning to be thinking about this stuff, so I apologize if I'm not making any sense.

In any case, the vest is almost dry, so with a little luck I'll have a picture of it all ready to wear within the next couple of days. In anticipation of this, I expect you all to visit my blog and have a look at the not quite dry version :)

Friday, March 17, 2006

The vest starts

I have started the vest, finally deciding to knit it on 4's (just because I liked the look of it best) and with my gauge of 24 stitches and 26 rows. In order to make it work, I did the math and am making a larger size in the pattern and then adding rows in order to make it long enough. The math has been making me a bit crazy but I think I have it figured out. Here is my first progress...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hello, fellow vesters! This is my first steeking and knitalong, and I was talked into it by another member, Cece. Of course, as soon as I saw the pattern, I bought it immediately- I love it! One of you mentioned being a bit on the 'tall' side- I can relate! With the new cropped styles, I always end up having to make things longer. I did better in the early 90's when it was cool to wear sweaters long and below the butt! Anyway, above is a pic of my progress so far. I'm using 'Heatherwood Heirloom' yarn, which is an Australian 100% wool. It's a DK, but feels nice and thick and sturdy. I must admit that I've been reading and rereading the steek instructions, feeling a little nervous that somehow, I will make a terrible mess of things. It's a little harder to frog a garment after you've CUT the yarn! After all, what the heck would you do with dozens of two foot lengths of yarn!?!
Anyway, it's great to be here. I tend to get a TAD obsessive with knitting, so with the weekend coming up, I'll probably have a good update by Sunday!
I'm loving seeing everyone's color choices and the photos of the progress- can't wait to see some finished vests!


Hi everyone! This project is a series of firsts for me, like many of you: first colorwork, first steek, and also my first knitalong.

I'm addicted to working away on the vest any chance i get. My yarn is brown sheep naturespun sport in scarlet and pink please (a burgundy/light pink combo). My gauge was a bit wonky and variable in the swatch, but it seems to be working out - i tried the first few inches on the other night, and it fits so far.

I'm enjoying seeing all of your progress, and i hope to be able to share a picture soon.

i just received my yarn and pattern yesterday!
it the knit picks merino style in hollyberry and fog. i've got a swatch drying as i sit here.....hopefully, i get gauge and can start on the vest right away.

Almost Done!

Hey I am here too just been plugging away. I am three rows from casting off the collar. I had to shorten the shoulders so that I had a deep V and not a Hollywood Plunge! Here are the pics. Hope to be able to wear this next week as we still have a bit of cold weather floating in and out of here in NC.

Where are you?

The silence here is utter! I can see you all working determinedly, too busy to blog about it...

My progress on the vest has been filled with ups and downs, mostly due to my own negligence. Last night I had a major down, and I started another project while my blood pressure slowly dropped. Since I am the long tall Sally of any crowd, I added a few extra rows to make sure the vest covers my middle. I have consistently adjusted the pattern repeat to my own increases and decreases, but since I think I'm such an excellent knitter I don't really think too much about it, and when I had six (6) rows until bind off I found that the only thing I hadn't adjusted was the neckline, who was still on the same latitude as before, giving my deep V vest a deep U in the back. I tossed the vest far far away and cast on a lace shawl instead, which is surprisingly fun to knit. I'm only on row 16 or something, but I like it so far. Hopefully I will be calm enough to frog two inches of the vest this weekend, and then FINALLY cut my steeks, which is the major goal of this project.

Also, I had a gauge crisis the other night. I found that I didn't have 30 rows/10 cm, but 21. I had a chill to the bone, then discovered that if I stretch it to gauge stitchwise, I will also get gauge rowwise. Oh, the constant excitement of knitting, and oh, the benefits of careful blocking!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Not quite so much Gah! anymore...

One very blurry, three needle bound off shoulder (I think it's the left one). It needs some adjustment though, since the binding off yarn is showing through.

When I had done the binding off, I proceeded to...

picking up stiches along the armhole. I had to do it all over again when I realized I'd picked up 130 instead of 120 stiches...


I'm cutting the steeks now!

Just wanted you to know I'm scared as... well, you know what. Here's how it's going:

Friday, March 10, 2006

Almost There

Hey guys I am 22 rows from being doen with the body. Pics are up for me now so here is hte pic I tried to post the other day. Whoever fixed it thank you very much! :) I am excited about getting to work the steeks as they are the first I've done. Emily at is doing the same colors as me and was fine on gauge w/ the 4's. I'll admit I didn't swatch. I need to though I'm just such a jump into it person. But any way here are the pictures from the other day.

Reminder from Eunny

Eunny emailed the other day, reminding us all to make sure to check blocked gauge and measurements carefully before starting -- which I thought was very nice of her :) Her full notes on sizing can be found on her blog.

(This is getting me a wee bit worried, since I didn't even swatch before starting...)

A gauge question...

So last night I did my second attempt at a gauge using 5's. I got correct stitch gauge but am off row gauge by a bit. Do I need to be really concerned about this? Also, I actually like the look of my first gauge done on 4's better then the second one. I am thinking about doing the math and making a larger size of the vest with the smaller gauge to make it fit right. Has anyone else run into these kind of issues?

My Swatch

You know, I don't know why I don't listen. I kept reading about how people weren't getting the right gauge with Knit Picks Merino Style but did I listen? I worked my swatch last night on 4's. I got 24 stitches and 26 rows. Grrrr. I do not like having to start over but at least I am enjoying the pattern and I love how the colors look together. Here it is:

I messed up the pattern at the top but I still have a good idea now of what it looks like and how the pattern works. And I am loving my colors. So now I am off to swatch with 5's.

I'm taking a break

I love that so many in this vest-along seem to be first-timers when it comes to knitting with 2 colors and these steek-things. I guess that the trickiest part will be when it's time for the cutting, but I think that Eunny's pattern will guide us all through it. As long as we read the instructions carefully (Linster!!).

People seem very amazed of this project at my knitting café. Noone seem to know about steeks, and they look at me sceptically when I say that I will knit it ALL in the round.

Good weather and cute boyfriend seem to come my way, so I will pause this knitting for a couple of days, and catch up with all of you when your yarn has arrived!! Good luck, everyone!

My first knit-along!

Hi everyone! This is my first knit-along and I'm so excited to create this beautiful sweater with all of you. I, too, am using KnitPicks Merino Style and I picked the colors Fog & Coal. I put the order in today and as soon as I receive the package, I plan to start swatching. This is my first project with color work AND steeking, so I have a feeling I'm going to need a lot of guidance. Looking forward to getting to know you all and to see how your Argyle Vests turn out!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Up to my armpits!

Here are the pics of my vest. It is Knitpicks Merino Style as well in cinnamon and nutmeg. Just like the other Erin's but different colors. I am going to have to change needles pretty soon due to the length although I may magic loop it since the needle is trying to do that anyway.

OK it seems that I cannot load photos. There isn't an option to do it.

Vest-Along admin progress

This is how far I've gotten:

(Cellphone photo taken secretly and hastily since I work in behind glass walls and I don't want my coworkers to know of my dorky blogging habits.)

I'm just few rows away from the armhole steeks. Swedish along-knitters: What is "steek" in Swedish? As I mentioned earlier in a comment, I haven't really followed the instructions, since I didn't read them carefully. I just read them the normal way, and therefor my steeks are 11 stitches wide instead of 9 and my neck opening edge is bound off and not placed on scrap yarn. I still haven't decided whether to be consistent or do the rest of the steeks as instructed. It's a great pattern though. If only I had read it...

I've inVESTed...

Boy that was a cheesy title...Hello Fellow Vestalong-ers!

I plan to knit this in April - as I too have ordered the Asparagus colorway of the KnitPicks Merino Style. Alas, it is backordered until 4/ that means no vest until the greenery has arrived :( My CC is Petal.

By the time I get my yarn, you will have answered all of my questions about size, gague, steeking, etc! (thanks!) I love watching you all create beautiful argyles...nice work so far!

It begins...

Well it looks like there are two Erin's in this knit along...I am Erin H. or the one that has not casted on at all yet. I am very excited to join this knit-a-long mainly because I am so excited about this project. I got my yarn yesterday, Knit Picks Merino Style in Tide Pool and Storm. I liked the idea of doing two shades of blue. Here is a pic:

I spent a while last night giving the pattern a good reading. I have to admit that while very well written, I am a little intimidated by it. Steeking=skill that terrifies me. Another reason why I am glad I have this group to commiserate with and be inspired by. I plan on swatching tonight so hopefully I will be ready to cast on by the weekend.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hi Guys

Hi Guys- I am about 8 rows into the arm hole steeks. Ths is my second attempt since I am in guage denial..... :) Will post pictures later on. Getting ready to walk out the door.


Progress and no baby

This is going so fast! I only started a week ago! I'm knitting and the baby's asleep!

(On the other hand, my boyfriend can testify to the fact that I've not done much of anything but the Deep V since casting on last week...)

Here's a picture of my progress, anyway. (X-posted at my knitting blog.)

[Picture finally, finally up now! Yay!]

Thanks for having me!

Thanks for the invite. :)

I have finally decided on my yarn and colors, KnitPicks Merino Style in Cornflower and Asparagus. Unfortunately, the Asparagus isn't available until April 7th. Which, honestly, is just fine, I have a ton of projects to complete before I am allowing myself to make this vest.

This will be my first colorwork and my first steek. I look forward to learning from all of you as you proceed ahead of me. :)

Smells like steek-spirit

The steeks are getting closer. Do you think they can smell my fear, will they know that I have no idea of how to tame them? I need a weapon, maybe a 3mm crochet needle?

Have you started to do the steeks? Is it difficult or will everything be very clear when I sit down with a crochet needle and Eunny's description?

Monday, March 06, 2006

Still. Swatching.

Blergh...I swatched again last night. On my first swatch I used a size US4 needle and my gauge was way, way off. Yesterday's swatch I moved up to a US6. Still. Off. Guh! Getting closer though. I'm now measuring at about 6 stitches per inch (with the swatch all washed and blocked)and the pattern calls for 5.5. I hate saying "close enough" but I'm worried that by going up to US7s the pattern will start to look really bad. And I bit the bullet and started knitting with yarn in each hand and, ok, I guess I can do it but I don't like it. You can buy those finger tension thingies at I actually have one but can't get the hang of knitting with it. *sigh*

Oh, and yes the colors are pink and brown. I love them together!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

started swatching...

...and i will continue to swatch because my gauge was too tight! wah! it took me about a million years to knit this swatch so i can only imagine how many eons it will take for me to finish the entire vest. how do you all knit fair isle? i can't can't can't knit with yarn in each hand. can't and won't! so my knitting at this point is a little slow and cumbersome. anyway, here's the swatch. i'm getting about 7 stitches per inch.

Beginning soon

I am here too!

I haven't really begun yet - but I have three entries on this terrific vest on my blog Stickigt. In Swedish. What can I say - time to knit!

Good and bad news

Look how lovely it is!! I have to get an other project finished before thursday so I haven't knitted that much on my Argyle-baby.

Fortunately, the Argyle is perfect to put in the bag, so there's been some progress. Unfortunately, my throat is itching when I'm knitting it. Do you think the Vest will still itch when it's blocked and finished?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The baby's fault

I'm blaming the baby. This is what I've managed so far. Aaargh! Aargh! Maybe I should get a nanny... then I'd be able to knit all day long :)

Anyway... I'm very excited about the colors I've chosen, I think this vest is going to look great!
That is, when it's finally finished.

(Oh, and Linster? I did start March 1, I just happened to cast on 203 instead of 206 stiches, so I had to frog everything and start over this morning...)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Cheering you on

Hi there,
just wanted to post to say "Hi, I'm here!"- I won't start the vest before april 1st unfortunately, because I am going to
Östergötlands Ullspinneri that day, and I've heard so many wonderful things about their "Visjö-yarn", that I've decided to wait with the vest until I get that yarn. Colors- I am thinking modest... the vest itself is so "bold" in the shaping that I feel that the brown/grey scale will be just right. But I might change my mind as spring comes closer :-)

Anyway, I will be checking out your progress while I wait for my yarn, cheering you on!

And so, the journey begins...

So, the Argyle has started to grow slowly, slowly from my hands.

My work is also a lille bubbly, as Linsters. But I think I stretch the yarn too hard and not too losely, because it is the white and green squares that are bulky.

It's a lovely pattern, and I love my colors, though I think this pattern will look good with almost all colors.


Hurra hurra! Today's the big argyle vest-along kick-off day! I can feel a strange sensation taking place...

C'mon, let's all share our progress! I made a false start, since I don't have infants or other more important projects to take care of first, and here's where I am now:

I started out actually twisting the work, despite the urgent request to carefully make sure not to. Fortunately, I had only made a row and a half, so I simply twisted it back in the end of the row, and you absolutely can't tell. Phew!

Next thing is that I suffer from a very long upper body, and no standard pattern ever covers my belly-button. I decided early to make this vest wearable, so my decreases on the way up to the waist are made every 6th row instead of every 4th. I'll have a look when I get to the waist to see if the same thing needs to be done with the increases.

Also, it's quite bubbly, even though I constantly and carefully stretch the work and yarn. I think it will smooth out when blocking, though. I can stretch it, it's not that it's too tight anywhere, just here and there and everywhere. This could be a nightmare, and I might end up with a fancy dust cloth, but I've decided to keep a cool head until the vest is washed and blocked, which hopefully should be before Easter.

So tell me: how's it going for y'all?